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Data Triage Technologies is a Los Angeles based electronic litigation support firm offering comprehensive Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery), Computer Forensics, Cell Phone Data Recovery & Forensics, and Expert Witness Services to the legal communities in California and throughout the United States. Data Triage Technologies' experts identify, preserve and analyze potentially discoverable electronic evidence for forensic investigations in matters including fraud, hacking, intellectual property theft, and family law cases.

Computers Don't Lie;

We Can Make Them Talk...

At Data Triage, our experts go above and beyond of what they can discover with standard forensics software. If and when needed, they create their own tools to investigate and uncover hidden data. Our Services include the following:

Data Triage has been providing digital forensics services for over 15 years. Our solutions are utilized by leading law firms, corporations, and diverse client base to manage their electronic data efficiently. Our headquarters are based in Los Angeles, with branches offering our services in Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco and throughout California. Contact us at (310)478-2113.