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    Email Discovery as Electronic Evidence

    In today’s legal discovery world, electronically stored information requires special attention in litigation. The recent emphasis on producing electronically stored information requires an e-discovery team to apply legal principles to information technology. But electronically stored information in some cases drive them out of business, especially in companies as they are unaware to find electronically stored [...]

    Technical Considerations in Review Process of E-Discovery

    Decision-making, backing up your data and managing a review database to acquire digital data in your company is no longer a solvency for your problem in E-discovery, though you decide to go with the legal attorney for review process in E-Discovery. Data collection plays a key role in review process. There are some technical issues [...]

    E-Forensics Supports Your Ongoing Investigation by Capturing The Legal Defensible Data

    E-Forensics is the application of electronic investigation, which has the capabilities of recovering data or visible to the user in legal proceedings. The deleted files often contain the Electronic files that do not show up which is important to your case, but identifying the deleted files plays the key role in e-forensic. The latest technology [...]

    Electronic Data Discovery: Approach and Process

    From the initial collection of electronic data to the final making of relevant and responsive documents, one of the biggest challenges faced by lawsuit attorneys is managing the large volume of digital documents produced during the discovery process. Electronic data discovery is a main stream in general discovery of evidence in legal proceedings. Today 90% [...]

    Electronic Data Discovery – Technology Along With Policy Review

    Electronic discovery plays a vital role in the contest of litigation, audits, investigation and other formal proceedings. In fact, according to the courts, computers have become so commonplace that most court battles now involve discovery of some type of computer-stored information. Litigators often take advantage of this lack of preparation by making digital information. In [...]