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How To Use Metadata As An Examination Tool

By Nicholas J. Deleault In today’s computer dependant world, the zealous advocate must be able to navigate his way through every conceivable form of discovery in order to effectively represent his or her client.  Failure to seek the appropriate records or the failure to respond to discovery requests with the appropriate electronic discovery knowledge could [...]

part two of the four part series Electronic data Discovery

Here is the second post on the four part series Electronic data Discovery Beware the Forensics Label Many sales people attach the label “forensics” to their security and compliance analysis tools, and that can be very misleading. In law enforcement circles, “forensics” means a well-defined set of discovery and investigative processes that hold up in [...]

Separating E-Discovery Myths from Realities

  By Conrad J. Jacoby, Esq. As the legal community continues to puzzle through the impact that digital information is having on the practice of law, many practitioners are guided by long-standing misconceptions and misunderstandings about electronic discovery. Whatever seed of truth exists in these platitudes, taking them at face value can lead to poor [...]

Gathering electronic evidence

A NEW field of evidence gathering involves techniques designed to find relevant electronic evidence on personal computers. This investigative discipline will become an important discovery tool for both lawyers and law enforcement agencies. Here Dr Henry B Wolfe* explains the basics of what it can and cannot do. Computer forensics refers to the developing field [...]