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Monthly Archives: July 2007

How Data Recovery Could Become Critical For Business Survival And What To Do In Case Of Data Loss

A Scenario of What Could Happen Just imagine this scenario. You own a highly profitable specialty retail store that stock thousands of parts. These parts are procured from the best sources that you have identified over many years, based on product quality, timely deliveries, reasonable prices and customer support. You have also fixed the re-order [...]

Electronic Discovery-Why aren’t more law firms using it

As the technology age creeps upon us and forces us reevaluate our personal lives in everything that we do, the same can be said for how lawyers practice. Partners who have been tied to their pen and paper presentations are now being confronted with a phenomenon that has started to pick up speed since the [...]

Implementing Threats, Risk And Security Audits

People used to close business deals with a handshake. They looked one another in the eye. Today, more and more transactions are electronic, anonymous and, in too many cases, fraudulent. Any organization that stores or moves important information on an electronic network is putting its information at risk. A criminal on the other side of [...]

Solving Crime With Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics is the scientific study of computers or computer related data in relation to an investigation by a law enforcement agency for use in a court of law. While this technology may be as old as computers themselves, the advances in technology are constantly revising this science. In the technological old days, computer forensics [...]

How To Use Metadata As An Examination Tool

By Nicholas J. Deleault In today’s computer dependant world, the zealous advocate must be able to navigate his way through every conceivable form of discovery in order to effectively represent his or her client.  Failure to seek the appropriate records or the failure to respond to discovery requests with the appropriate electronic discovery knowledge could [...]